A solo project for a 2nd Year Design course.

Title screen

Concept: The Mars Project is a first-person science exploration game for the PC. The player is charged with exploring Mars on a mission to collect rocks from the surface for a geological survey. The player must manage their Oxygen levels which deplete over time and they are required to replenish their oxygen by finding more in small camps dotted around the level or they must return to the shuttle.

Team: Solo project. All aspects of production were my responsibility

Game Title: Mars Project

Time Frame: 5 weeks

Engine: Unity

Constraints: Create a game to meet the chosen brief from a list provided within 5 weeks while observing the production cycle of Alpha, Beta and Master/Gold. This is a solo project.

Brief: Make a game that is something to do with NASA (fictional). NASA have given you free choice to come up with something about them that you want to make a game about. The limitation is that it should be Pro-NASA.




The goal was to create an experience that could be used by NASA for promotional or educational purposes.

Much refinement was to come in Beta but overall the client was pleased with the progress




The core experience really started to take shape with the replacement of Alpha art assets with more refined Beta assets. After testing and much iteration the game moved into Master/Gold




Ultimately the project met the parameters of the brief


Post Mortem

While the finished product was well received it wasn’t without its challenges. Given the time, in future I would like to address the UI issues and refine the win state so that it doesn’t feel so abrupt, perhaps have the player return to the ship after collecting the required amount of rocks.

Furthermore, as stretch goals, I would like to increase the size of the level, add different rock types, a Mars lander buggy the player can drive and even look towards the possibility of making this game a VR experience.