Zom Nom Released!

Over the last 5 months our team has been working on refining what started out originally as a 6 month final year major project at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. We are pleased to announce that Zom Nom, a humorous 2.5D side scrolling platfomer for PC, has been released on Itch.io for FREE. Additionally, we are looking towards a Steam release in the coming months.

While not a full length game we hope it showcases the team's skills both individually and as a cohesive development team. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed making it. Finally any feedback players are willing to provide would be greatly appreciated and may do so in the comments section of the game page. Thank you all.

Play as Barry, a brain munching, gob spitting, slap happy Zombie. Spit and Slap your way through the streets and sewers to take on the President of the World. Claim your place as Ruler of all Human and Zombie-kind.

Please click the link below to visit the game page and download. Link only suitable for PC browsers.


Zom Nom receives an Award

Zom Nom received the AIE Head of School Award for the Most Impressive Advanced Diploma Game Project (2018). The team is so honoured and humbled by this and wants to thank the teachers for their support and valuable advice both during and prior to the project.

Project continues

Even though we met the original project deadline, the team are still excited to continue improving and working on Zom Nom. Polishing and new additions are being made in preparation for release. Exploding barrels for example

Uuurrgh… boom!

Uuurrgh… boom!

Master Delivered

Zom Nom has gone Gold! Last week was a whirlwind of activity but the team has submitted the Master build of our game. But we’re not done with it yet, we’ll be working on this in the months to come so keep an eye on here for more updates.

Beta Milestone Met!

We’ve successfully met our milestone date for Beta delivery. We have one last week before going Gold. Our time will be focused on squashing bugs, the final dressing of scenes and optimising performance.

Mid way through Beta

We are working hard. We are 3 weeks out from our Beta deadline and things seem to be going well. We’ve replaced 80% of the Art and have the beginnings of a Boss Battle in the works. Morale remains high as we come into the closing weeks of the project.

Alpha complete

We successfully met our Alpha deadline. There were noted performance issues concerning lighting but we have addressed those and the game runs smoothly. Through testing and constant iteration player enjoyment continues to rise. We have now made it to the Beta stage with much more hard work ahead of us but the team remains committed.

1 Week until Alpha deadline

We have only one week left until we are due to deliver our Alpha build and things are going rather well. The game is playable even with the known performance issues. We are actively working to reduce the impact lighting has on performance and have plans in motion to do so. As we are in Alpha stage assets are not optimised and as such this will be addressed in Beta. Early testing has revealed unexpected challenges for the player which is great as we have the time to make the necessary adjustments to improve the player experience. We will keep pushing forward to make this project a success and the team is still excited to keep up the hard work.

Alpha begins

Zom Nom enters Alpha production and everything appears to be going well, our team is working tirelessly to produce a functional and fun game for our school project.

The first day has been promising and hopefully spells good fortune for the rest of production. 

Pre-Production week

We have completed Pre-Production in a whirlwind of activity. Getting new members up to speed on the project, establishing priorities on tasks and creating a concrete schedule. Lucky I enjoy paperwork and constant meetings with team members :). 

Alpha beings on the 13th and our team is itching to get started!

Zom Nom Approved

Zom Nom, a single player 2.5D side scrolling platformer with puzzle elements, has been successful in its bid to be approved for a 15 week production. This student project was well received by the panel of industry professionals and I can't wait to get started on Pre-Production next week.

The video below pertains to the prototype for Zom Nom and is not indicative of the final result.

Proof of Concept AIE

The 2nd stage of our Proof of Concept for the final Major Project has just concluded. We eagerly await the results to see if our game idea has impressed the industry panel enough for them to approve it to be continued on into a 15 week production.