Games have been a big influence in my life ever since I played Magic Tower on the GameBoy Pocket way back in the early 90's. That simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors started a life-long love of Video Games. With the revelation in 2015 that playing games was no longer enough, I enrolled at AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) to learn how to make the games I grew up on and give back to the industry that has and will continue to shape my life. 

Now with the conclusion of my formal training, I hope to work on many projects, both personal and professional to increase my skills and positively contribute to the Interactive Entertainment Industry. 

As a Designer I enjoy crafting experiences for players through intuitive Level Design, the creation and implementation mechanics and Sound Design.

Honoured to have received the Head of School award for Outstanding Game Designer (2018)



  • Level Design

  • Communicate effectively with other disciplines to ensure designs are delivered on time and at a high quality

  • Balancing and fine-tuning gameplay

  • Creation and implementation of mechanics

  • Strong organisational and project management focus

  • Maintaining documentation to high standards.