A solo prototype for exploring 3 chosen mechanics in 2nd year Design course

Game Title: Dashing

Time Frame: 4 Weeks

Engine: Unity

Constraints: 4 weeks to complete a playable prototype

Brief: Explore the use of 2-3 mechanics in creating a fun contained experience. Prototype for PC

Concept: Dashing is a 3D, First person platformer for mobile devices where the player is tasked with running and jumping along a series of platforms while avoiding obstacles to make it to the exit

Team Composition: Solo project




The 3 mechanics I chose were Move, Jump and Die. I focused on giving the player different paths, with varying difficulty, to take so that they can refine their skills in moving and jumping.



Replacing the Alpha art assets with more refined and textured assets in Beta served to enhance the experience and provided the cavernous ambience that I intended.




The level required more atmosphere so vines were added as well as Dust Clouds.


Post Mortem

The prototype was functional and fun and thus met the brief. There were several time consuming issues such as the player sliding off the platforms and having to remodel several key assets but these all served as valuable learning experiences.

If I were to take this prototype and create a full gaming experience from it I would like to add a grappling hook for the player to swing between larger gaps, collectable coins to really delve into the explorer narrative and perhaps even turn it into an endless runner similar to Temple Run.