A 2.5 day game jam for 2nd Year Game Development course resulted in this little puzzle game


Game Title: All Tiled Up

Time Frame: 2.5 Days

Engine: Unity

Constraints: Create a game that meets the brief in two and a half days. Refinement in art allowed over a week period after initial presentation of the game jam product.

Brief: Create a prototype of a game where the player changes the game mechanic as they interact with the environment. 

Concept: A single player, angled top-down 3D puzzle game for PC. The aim is to get the Green cube(s) from its starting position to the warp gate by altering its path and avoiding obstacles.  

Team Composition: 

  • Designers: 1

  • Artists: 3

  • Programmers: 1

Tasks/Responsibilities: Design and Build levels 1-5.


This is the level we presented after the 2.5 day Game Jam.

After 2.5 days of production

At the conclusion of the two and a half days we presented a singular level to the year level for critique and feedback.

Original level with additional 8 built after a week of refinement


After a week of additional building

With the week following the demonstration of the original level we were able to make several refinements: 

- Using a new script we were able to create new levels faster

- New art assets for mechanics.

Post Mortem

There are a few things we would've done differently during the initial 2.5 days.

- Decided on the concept sooner as the idea took a significantly long time to conceive.

- Having the improved level building process would have allowed for us to produce more than one level in the time. 

Overall however we created a level within the time limit and it met the game jam requirements so we were successful.  If we had more time I would've liked to continue building on this concept with more intricate and challenging puzzles that would require more critical thinking from the player. 



Design: Jess Sealey

Programming: Ashley Flynn

Art: Jamie Jenssen, Ned Keys and Jardene Mackay